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The Power of Information: putting all of us in control of the health and care information we need - Dept of Health Information Strategy - May 2012

The Government's Alcohol Strategy Home Office - March 2012

NHS Future Forum - Summary Report, second phase - January 2012
For sight of the NHS Future Forum full reports on Integration, Education and Training, Information ,and the NHS' role in the public's health - please follow this link to the DH website

Dr Murrison Prosthetics Review Recommendations - A better deal for military amputees - October 2011

NHS Future Forum Phase Two Fact sheet - September 2011

NHS Future Forum - Recommendations to Government and Government Response  - June 2011
For the most up to date information on the NHS Future Forum please follow this link to the DH website

NHS Public Health White Paper Briefing - Healthy Lives, Healthy People - February 2011

NHS White Paper Briefing - Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS - August 2010

The Royal British Legion / Combat Stress / Royal College of General Practitioners leaflet - 'Meeting the Healthcare Needs of Veterans: a guide for general practitioners' - September 2010

Dept of Health / The Royal British Legion leaflet - For those who Served: Meeting the healthcare needs of veterans in England - November 2009

Dept of Health leaflet - Meeting the healthcare needs of Armed Forces personnel, their families and veterans - 2008

Dept of Health Circular - Continuing Care for Veterans - August 2010

Dept of Health Circular - Priority Treatment for Veterans in England - February 2010

Welsh Health Circular - Priority Treatment and Healthcare for Veterans - 2008

Scottish Government - Priority Treatment for Veterans - 2008

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